Time to Unveil Comic Book Clocks and Boxes at Coz Con Oct. 22

Someday Ogre’s Grove will be rooted in a shop with enough space to display not only comic books and action figures, but original art and crafts – not only handmade by my mom and me, but from several skilled souls around the world. We started on a small scale last summer by bringing magic bottle necklaces from Life Is The Bubbles, a mother-daughter team in Arizona, to sell at Delaware comic conventions.

Now we’re excited to announce the work of local artist, Bil Joseph. He upcycles cigar boxes into unique home decorations, and has designed an exclusive line of comic book clocks and boxes for only Ogre’s Grove to sell. My photo doesn’t do them justice. You really need to see the boxes in person to explore all the comic pages he’s decoupaged inside and out.

And you can do just that at Delaware Tech’s Stanton Campus, 400 Stanton Christiana Rd, Newark, DE this Saturday, Oct. 22. Ogre and I will be unveiling Bil’s boxes at Coz Con, a new convention presented by Galactic Con to focus on cosplay and creations. Get to our table when the con opens at 10am if you want one of the designs above – they are one of a kind.

Follow Ogre’s Grove on Facebook for more information about Coz Con and other upcoming events where you can find Bil’s comic book clocks and boxes.

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