Plunder Pirate Costumes On A Small Wedding Budget

Some brides spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress.

I spent $50.

On eBay.

And no, another wench didn’t wear it before me. While I didn’t step into a single bridal boutique to try on a dress, I did stalk a costume designer’s auctions for almost a week. I bought the Victorian bustle wedding dress, a Medieval peasant dress, three fantasy corsets, a white cloak, a floral jacket for my mom and a ruffled shirt for my dad so I could take advantage of the free shipping deal for orders over $150.

It is a shame the seller, Von Lancelot, mysteriously disappeared off the internet because all his clothing was all remarkably well-made for the insanely low price. Or maybe it’s not – I would have run out of room in my closet long ago.

You might not be as adventurous to buy your wedding gown online, but Amazon has some great pirate accessories for your bridal party! Instead of making my bridesmaids wear the same thing, I told them to pick their own white ruffly shirts, black skirts and boots. Then we tied the ensemble together with pale golden hip wrap scarves and silk bandanas as headbands. Each are available in several colors to match any wedding color scheme!

We also invited the rest of our wedding guests to wear pirate costumes. Our pirate crew rocked the boat quite a bit at a local restaurant during the reception.

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