Perks of Having Your Own Pull Box of Current Comic Books

We offer current comic book subscriptions at Ogre’s Grove! There is no fee to subscribe – you simply tell us at least 5 monthly titles you want, and pay cover price when you pick them up. We send out a weekly email of new books to subscribers so they know when a title they want has arrived.

Not only does that guarantee that you never miss out on your favorite comic books, but the more titles you get, the better perks you get!

FIRST TIER: 5 or more monthly titles starts your own pull box at the Grove, which get bagged and boarded for free.

SECOND TIER: 10 or more monthly comics allows you to pick 1 free $3 back issue when you come in during the 3rd week of every month. That’s an entire year of a free title, friends.

THIRD TIER: 20 or more monthly titles receives 10% discount on your comic book purchases, excluding vault books.

FOURTH TIER: 30 or more monthly titles scores you 50% off $3 back issues.

Well, that’s the way we are set up for now. Perks may change without notice at any time. But that’s what we are supposed to say to cover our hindsides. Friends of the Grove get more and save more. We are striving to give you a unique comic store experience.

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