Adorn a Belly Dance Costume with an Affordable Hip Scarf

I’ve been in awe of belly dancers as long as I can envision. It wasn’t until a college roommate shared a Belly Dance Fitness For Beginners exercise video by Veena and Neena that I even attempted to mimic their moves. Now I take classes for fun.

I was nervous to dance around other graceful souls at first, but as soon as I tied on a borrowed hip scarf from the teacher, I felt like I belonged. It’s amazing how such an affordable and sparkly embellishment can boost your confidence.

Now I possess over a dozen of the following belly dance hip scarf types, mostly bought very inexpensively on Amazon:

Chiffon Hip Scarves With Coins
Chiffon hip scarves come in every color of the rainbow! Silver or gold coins dangle from the fabric and clang beautifully together as the belly dancer shimmies and shakes her hips.

Sequin Hip Scarves
I feel like a mermaid when I wear my hip scarf in this fun style! The paillettes mimic fish scales, especially in the blue and green hip scarves. The sound of the sequins brushing together takes a bit of getting used to if you usually wear the more traditional scarves – but shining as you shimmy is worth it.

Quiet Hip Scarves
When I go to belly dance festivals, I like to add a hip scarf to my belly dance attire – but don’t want to make too much noise when walking up to a live performance. That’s when belly dancing belts and sewn sequin scarves come in handy!

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